What is Ecocide? Are we killing our own Ecosystem? Better not! Lawyer, diplomats, banks and environmental activists want to legally forbid devastation to life on Earth. No, that is not a crime yet. Strange, isn't it? 

The Next Web 2020 Conference goes online

25,000 Professionals from 100 countries participating and 400 speakers in this two-day event will surely make TNW2020 the biggest online Tech conference ever. 'The heart of tech' will make Earth tick again and investors invest again. Better be present!

17 November 2020: The 2020 GWA Fall Virtual Conference

17 November 2020: The 2020 GWA Fall Virtual Conference

Speakers: Despina Katsikakis (Cushman & Wakefield), Anna Levine (Industrious), Jeff Adler (Yardi), Katherine Huh (PWC), Joff Sharpe (Inventure Inc.), Naomi Tosic (The Office Space), Mary Cunningham (Hub Australia), Scott Hazard (Atlassian) and more. 

Electric Lease Vehicles (ELVs) take over business market.

More virtual work processes decreases the demand for company cars. ELVs however are getting more popular. If using green electricity the difference with old-skool fuel is enormous. Net zero carbon strategies are for real.

Schneider Electric and UnWork on Smart Working

Schneider Electric and UnWork on Smart Working

The Activ8 model jointly developed has eight components: insightful, sustainable, flexible, experiental, healthy, productive, efficient and resilient. Can Smart Buildings provide a platform to withstand changing workplace habits? 


Food for thought on Business Catering! How transparent is your catering provider on where do ingredients of the menu come from? Can you influence the Purpose of your providers? Go see this movie and act, please. Create your Cycle of Life with the Food you buy. 

Working from home matters more than ever

The virtual workplace at home could be like a pop-up-pod. A digital WorkLife style changes the way we work and live. Technology becomes omnipresent. What do you feel and think about the workplace of the future when looking at this video? 

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