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We have a plan to adapt Work to Earth

We have a plan to adapt Work to Earth

For many 2021 started with a different perspective on the workplace. This is our view and offer.  


This is the university of the Slow Food association: the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenza, Italy. Want to change Business Catering? This is where to start!

Time to enjoy your commute.

Dutch company VanMoof created the S3 eBike. An attractive, fast and smart machine that can easily replace the company car. A Work&Play must-have. But not everybody is happy. 

Let's go outside! 

Austin-based Ozadi wants us to work with Earth. To follow the nature of work. Summer is the best season to try this.


What is Ecocide? Are we killing our own Ecosystem? Better not! Lawyer, diplomats, banks and environmental activists want to legally forbid devastation to life on Earth. No, that is not a crime yet. Strange, isn't it? 

Electric Lease Vehicles (ELVs) take over business market.

More virtual work processes decreases the demand for company cars. ELVs however are getting more popular. If using green electricity the difference with old-skool fuel is enormous. Net zero carbon strategies are for real.


Food for thought on Business Catering! How transparent is your catering provider on where do ingredients of the menu come from? Can you influence the Purpose of your providers? Go see this movie and act, please. Create your Cycle of Life with the Food you buy. 

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