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This video 'Heartbeat of the Earth' of Google Arts & Culture makes you wonder what the future of nature will hold for our children. Will we be able to make a difference and preserve it? 


Adidas has been running Gameplan A for some time now. As a result you will find lots of great content on improving your WorkLife online now. What is your Gameplan? 

How COVID-19 changes the ISS food delivery to Google

How COVID-19 changes the ISS food delivery to Google

Food Inspiration Magazine presents Adam Rice of Guckenheimer. The Regional Executive Chef says requirements for trust and transparency will increase. 

Use masks. Keep 1.5m distance. Don't be stupid. Wait for the vaccine.

We all want to be free again to work and play wherever we like. At the same time we are all afraid of a possible second wave. Will Oxford save our lives?

Time to enjoy your commute.

Dutch company VanMoof created the S3 eBike. An attractive, fast and smart machine that can easily replace the company car. A Work&Play must-have. But not everybody is happy. 


This is the university of the Slow Food association: the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenza, Italy. Want to change Business Catering? This is where to start!

This great initiative deserves promotion. 

This great initiative deserves promotion. 

The DO Lectures is the encouragement network. It is all about doing. Do Do Do Do. Together. Of course. 

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