25 November 2020: Coworking Europe 2020 taking place in Vienna


Coworking has become serious business. With or without WeWork. Hybrid Activity Based Working solutions are wanted. A must visit event!

Novembre 24 a pre-conference guided tour along 10 to 15 coworking sites will kick-off the 2020 event in Vienna. Followed by a Welcome Dinner. 

Novembre 25 Jean-Yves Huwart, CEO & Founder of Coworking Europe, welcomes all particpants. Followed by a presentation of the Global Coworking Survey 2020 result. The following days presentations come from landlords, IMPACT Hub, Student Hotel, HubHub, GCUC, DeskMag, essensys, Venture X, LOOM, House of Bandits, New Work, The Nest, CBRE, CEO Rooms, YoRoom, Campus Cowork, Alliance Virtual Offices, StartDock, Brain Embassy, Smart Office and many others.

Novembre 27 the conference will take place in near-by Bratislava. A guided tour along coworking spaces will be offered here as well.  

For more information have a look at the conference website or check-out Jean-Yves

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