Fred Kloet starts Smart WorkPlace International – SWPi

Fred Kloet starts Smart WorkPlace International – SWPi

On January 1, 2020, Smart WorkPlace BV (SWP) started developing Smart WorkPlace International (SWPi). An international knowledge platform for the development of smart, healthy and circular working environments.

SWPi has a similar vision, mission and goals as SWP, but with a content, approach and service adapted to the international market. A new and logical follow-up to the foundation laid by SWP in the Netherlands and a follow-up that is in line with the international development of Workplace Management and the associated accelerated digitization of the working environment.

Given the desired own strategy and management, SWP has decided to transfer this activity to a new company and award it to Fred Kloet. To date, Fred was the Content Director and co-owner of SWP. With immediate effect, he resigned his board position at SWP, sold his shares to the other shareholders and became a director of SWPi. The FMBIM concept developed by SWP moves with Fred to SWPi.


SWP and SWPi will complement each other in terms of business, presentation and services. The international website, Ezine, Guide and Newsletter will have the same design as SWP. SWP and SWPi jointly organize a WorkPlace Day International event in 2021. Existing SWP partners can turn to SWPi for a partnership aimed at the foreign market and prospective SWPi partners can turn to SWP for a partnership aimed at the Dutch market. In short, both companies will reinforce each other.

Smart WorkPlace,, is managed by Wim Kooyman ( and Wietse Walinga (

Smart WorkPlace International gets the website For information about a SWPi Founding Partnership, please contact Fred Kloet on 06-41367980 or request a brochure at

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