Microsoft, RICS, BuildingMinds and POM+ develop the virtual building

Microsoft, RICS, BuildingMinds and POM+ develop the virtual building

The built environment you are working in will soon have its digital twin. This will include all workplace related assets like tables, beds, printers, coffeemachines and chairs.

The virtual building is rapidly becoming the number one competitor of physical real estate. Work processes and the activities they contain are being digitized at a fast pace by companies such as Edge, Workday, Microsoft, Google, Schneider Electric, Signify, EasternGraphics, Nemetschek and ServiceNow. More and more this transformation includes the assets and people needed to perform these processes. Starting with the building and its lifecycle. Because the real estate core and shell are not frequently adjusted to changing occupiers needs, the business case for creating a digital twin is easy and creates stable revenues. Because investors know having a digital twin of a building will increase real estate value by approximately 2%, everybody prefers to virtually manage a digital real estate portfolio. This explains the explosion of interest in the virtualisation of the built environment. But that is just the beginning. Even an unused digital twin will deliver a loss in the real world. So, occupiers needs and their behaviour will have to match the real estate offering in order to create a workplace that is healthy, productive, cost effient and profitable. Managing and influencing occupiers behaviour becomes important. Hence the argument for data interoperability between the worlds of real estate and occupiers. But keep in mind automating the work of surveyors could also be an interesting result of the IBPDI initiative.

Microsoft, RICS, BuildingMinds and POM+ joined forces in the International Building Performance & Data Initiative. It is a very interesting consortium of the largest work processes software provider, a Berlin-based Schindler backed building assets platform, a global real estate standards association for surveyors and a Switserland based consultancy and benchmarking firm. In their february 2020 press release they state the consortium will deliver its first release of an open standard before the end of this year. 

If you want to know more about the real estate strategy of Microsoft please have a look at the 'Digital Building Lifecycle' series of their Director Transformation Services, Salla Eckhardt. 

POM+ is well known for its FM Monitor. This annual benchmark of occupancy costs started in 2002 and represents 54 million m2's of real estate in Switserland.

RICS represents 134.000 professionals worldwide. They are the gate keepers of standards for building surveying.  

BuildingMinds is powered by Microsoft. The company is 100% focused on creating a Digital Building Twin platform.

Have a look at IBPDI to find out more yourself. Smart WorkPlace International will be following the IBPDI and inform you on progress made.

(Image from the BuildingMinds website.)

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