The buildingSMART International 'Technical Roadmap' and 'Ecosystem of Digital Twins'. FMBIM will happen.

BuildingSMART International has a dream. They want to unlock economic, social, environmental and business value for the built asset industry. Two subjects are leading. 

First the 'Technical Roadmap 2020'. In the video technical director Léon van Berlo explains the roadmap for openBIM and standards. The roadmap is free to download fro everybody HERE

Secondly the creation of an Ecosystem of Digital Twins. bSI says:

"buildingSMART International (bSI) is the go-to place for developing open digital solutions and standards for the built asset industry. bSI is driving digital transformation for the building and infrastructure industries and aligning the industry to common goals. bSI is committed to delivering digital ways of working by the creation and adoption of open, international standards and solutions. At its core, buildingSMART believes in cooperation, collaboration and innovation and has been leading the way on key topics. bSI believes the process of digital transformation in the built asset industry affects everyone. It is not limited to a few actors to shape the change required. On the contrary: no one player that can set the direction and speed of innovation. The interdependencies for everybody in the PBO-I (Plan-Build-Operate-Integrate) lifecycle, spanning countries, cities, government authorities, asset owners, building project participants (designers, engineers and contractors), operators, standard setting bodies, and citizens are complex. Key to this interplay is standardisation as well as simplification. This approach has been proven successful in many other industries and it needs to be applied to the built asset industry.

A Digital Twin is a digital representation of a physical asset. It can be created in parallel to its physical counterpart and spans all the phases of the PBO-I lifecycle. Digital Twins exist in the plan and design phase of a project as a method for better planning, design and construction of a project. Digital Twins play a role at later phases of the lifecycle, especially after commissioning and provide long-term benefits for asset performance, optimization and reliability opportunities. Alternatively, Digital Twins can also be created after a physical version of it already exists, during its use phase. Physical assets can, therefore, be digitised when in operation."

The bSI position paper 'Enabling an Ecosystem of Digital Twins' can be downloaded HERE.

The buildingSMART International 'Technical Roadmap' and 'Ecosystem of Digital Twins

Image by Spacewell. 

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