The Symbiosis of Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces

The Symbiosis of Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces

Australian Bruce Duyshart of meld presented his view on smart symbiosis developments in 2016. It looks like the current digitisation pace speeds up the process. 

Having a global perspective makes it possible to trace experts in one part of the world whose views could make a significent impact in another. Bruce Duyshart of Meld Strategies is such an expert. He still calls himself a Smart Building expert. However, this presentation is about much more than buildings alone. He himself introduces it by saying:

"This presentation explores the increasingly symbiotic relationship between Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces. We we can see that technology has dramatically changed the world around us and is increasingly being considered in building design. Tenancies are also being influenced by the use of technologies which now need to be considered in the design process of a base building. The process needs to be holistic and consider: a range of drivers, lifecycle cost management, interdisciplinary design and be data centric."


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