Time to enjoy your commute.

Dutch company VanMoof created the S3 eBike. An attractive, fast and smart machine that can easily replace the company car. A Work&Play must-have. But not everybody is happy. 

First have a look at this video of VanMoof S3 fans. And see this launch-video explaining lots of tech details. Becoming enthousiastic? Critics from around the globe are all positive about this amazing eBIke designed at the global heart of bicycles, The Netherlands. See what they think about this € 1.998 / $ 1.998 high design commute alternative:

- Two Wheels Good, PhoneDog and The Next Web (English)

- Tommys TechReviews, Yello and Computer Bild (German).

But not everybody is happy. The French car industry had the ad banned by the advertising regulatory authority, ARPP. The ad was accused of attempting to ‘discredit’ the auto industry by linking it to climate change. See the full story HERE. As a result even more people started looking at the video and concluded it is true: this eBike questions the status quo. Especially when Work & Play come together to save Earth.

How the bike is being delivered to your front door and works? See this instruction video.

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