How COVID-19 changes the ISS food delivery to Google

How COVID-19 changes the ISS food delivery to Google

Food Inspiration Magazine presents Adam Rice of Guckenheimer. The Regional Executive Chef says requirements for trust and transparency will increase. 

This is a great story on how COVID-19 changes workplace services delivery for the good. Over the past years the Dutch Global Workplace Services Programs Director Michiel Bakker , has transformed Google's Business Catering strategy. Plant-based food and biodiversity has been high on his agenda. Michiel has been acting as an Agent of Change. These are some of his presentations:

- 'Food Technology Farm Tank 2016' (video)

- 'In search of a Healthy WorkPlace' (video)

- 'How Google Got Its Employees to Eat Their Vegetables' (Medium)

- 'Seed your Food Future' (video, TEDxVeghel).

Michiel was 'ahead of the COVID-19 curve'. In this article for Food Inspiration Magazine we experience how Michiel's work has led ISS Chef Adam Rice to delivering food to Google's workplaces in a new and sustainable way even before COVID-19 started shifting our views on food. Go HERE to read the full article and start acting as an Agent for Change like Michiel and Adam. 

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