Leesman says working from home works very well. 

Leesman says working from home works very well. 

Last week Tim Oldman presented the first results of the Home Working survey. The H-Lmi is 75.0. A surprising result! 

Based on their first 50.000 H-measurements Leesman concluded that 80.9% of the employees feel the workplace at home enables them to work productively. This is 18.1% higher than the workplace at the office does (based on 750.000 measurements). 

Based on requests from Asia Leesman adjusted the existing Leesman Office survey format to create a comparable H-Lmi score. 

To everbody's surprise the H-Lmi score based on the first 50.000 measurements was 75.0 and working from home is working very well for 2/3rds of employees. Over the coming weeks Leesman expects another incoming 50.000 H-measurements confirming these surprising results. So, it proofs the office has a new competitor: home working. 


Leesman stated: "It’s important to remember that the findings shared are preliminary, and while they encompass more than 50,000 respondents, each organisation and its employees are experiencing home working differently." For more information contact Beth Howell. She can also grant you access to the Home Working Demo Survey. 

Leesman says working from home works very well. 

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