Lessons learned from remote working. 

Lessons learned from remote working. 

Kate Lister of Global Workplace Analytics and IFMA WE addressed the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Two days Working from Home works perfectly, delivers savings and increases productivity!

The US Senate wanted to know if the government can save money through maximizing efficient use of leased space. July 27 Kate presented the finding of a IFMA Workplace Evolutionaries "Global Work-From-Home Experience Survey". Conclusion is:

"The way we’ve been working for the last several decades is unsustainable. We need to go beyond thinking about remote work as merely a tactical solution to the problem du jour. In a world where brains, not brawn or machinery or land ownership are the creators of wealth, we need break loose of the 20th Century framework that keeps us tethered to the concept of work as a place rather than what we do. “Out of adversity, comes opportunity,” said Benjamin Franklin, and this is our opportunity to fundamentally reframe the where, when, and how of work in a way that’s better for people, planet, and organizational performance." In her presentation she mentioned possible savings on real estate leased space of 25%.

Beside Kate also Mark Pringle, Senior Vice President of Corporate Real Estate, Global Facilities and Environment, Health, and Safety of Dell Technologies, gave his views on the question. 

Read the full story and all survey results at the US Senate website HERE. For the full report look HERE. For Kate's detailed answer to this particular question go HERE

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