Hydrogen helicopters instead of company cars?

Hydrogen helicopters instead of company cars?

The European Commission has set the example. Huge clean and green hydrogen investments are planned. Help create a big demand for hydrogen buildings and company cars. Sign up for the alliance.

"Today, neither renewable hydrogen nor low-carbon hydrogen, notably fossil-based hydrogen with carbon capture, are cost-competitive against fossil-based hydrogen. Estimated costs today for fossil-based hydrogen are around 1.5 €/kg for the EU, highly dependent on natural gas prices, and disregarding the cost of CO2. Estimated costs today for fossil-based hydrogen with carbon capture and storage are around 2 €/kg, and renewable hydrogen 2.5-5.5 €/kg. Carbon prices in the range of EUR 55-90 per tonne of CO2 would be needed to make fossilbased hydrogen with carbon capture competitive with fossil-based hydrogen today . Costs for renewable hydrogen are going down quickly. Electrolyser costs have already been reduced by 60% in the last ten years, and are expected to halve in 2030 compared to today with economies of scale. In regions where renewable electricity is cheap, electrolysers are expected to be able to compete with fossil-based hydrogen in 2030. These elements will be key drivers of the progressive development of hydrogen across the EU economy. The priority for the EU is to develop renewable hydrogen, produced using mainly wind and solar energy."

Download the EU strategy to know what is coming and how to be prepared for a non-fossil fuel future. DOWNLOAD.

Listen to what Frans Timmermans has to say on the launch of the 'European Clean Hydrogen Alliance'. Sign up for the alliance by signing its declaration. The Work&Earth Partnership did already! 

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