Barbara Wagenaar-Soedjak joins SWPi as WorkLife Expert

Barbara Wagenaar-Soedjak joins SWPi as WorkLife Expert

Besides being a triathlete for Team Sirius Europe (personal best time of 2:35:05!) Barbara has her own company called Stamina. She is an Employability consultant.

Via Stamina she is engaged to realise both personal as well as commercial return on investment by focussing on vitality, workability and employability. She does this using a holistic point of view. 

Barbara is also an Expert with Smart WorkPlace NL and she works with Bakxwagenaar delivering health and safety services. She is a mother of 2 living in The Netherlands. Positively impacting society and people's lives is what makes her tick. She holds a Cum Laude Bachelor Degree in International Business Communications and Public Relations and followed the Shell Human Resources Graduate Programme as well as the Master of Science in General Management at the Neyenrode Business University. 

Her personal inspirational leader is Yvonne van Vlerken who leads the Team Sirius Europe.

Have a look at her full profile on LinkedIn

We are very proud to have Barabara on board and are looking forward to her contributions and articles.

Barbara Wagenaar-Soedjak joins SWPi as WorkLife Expert

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