Built Environment Technology Alliance webinar recap

Built Environment Technology Alliance webinar recap

CBRE, JLL, Colliers and Cushman & Wakefield were interviewed by IFMA's Information Technology Community to talk about the short and long-term impacts of COVID-19. Are leading services providers changing their approach to Service Delivery & Technology Utilization?

Quotes taken from this webinar:

“We have been forced to adopt new ways to work due to COVID and given that it has accelerated innovations.” – Scott Nelson

According to BETA:

"The participation for this event was truly global with more than 1,400 registered members and attendees from over 25 countries including the US, UK, India, Netherlands, Mexico, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, Nigeria, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Belgium, Brazil, Egypt, Columbia, Hungary, Philippines, Malaysia, West Africa, France, Costa Rica, Dubai and Thailand."

Quotes taken from the webinar: 

“We are reimagining the products and services using a combination of technology and processes: people and the power of data.” – Chandra Dhandapani

“Utilizing automation, we are finding ways to lower the cost of transactions.” – Chandra Dhandapani

“We have learned a lot over the last four months and if I had to pick two words to describe the driver behind our combined teams, they would be resilience and empathy.” – Sanjay Rishi

“This is a health crisis above all, and I think it is so powerful that the competitors are here together today, collaborating and sharing best practices.” – Bill Knightly

“I think we are moving into a position to be in coopetition vs competition working together on behalf of our clients” – Scott Nelson

“I am optimistic about the demand for our services, I think the future is as bright as it has ever been. I actually think there is more opportunity now.” – Scott Nelson

“With the increased focus on employee health and safety, our workplaces will become better than they have ever been before, and we have all learned to work virtually. The reduction of travel will help the environment and give us a chance for a more sustainable future.” – Chandra Dhandapani

“I think there are so many emerging dimensions. It used to be that health and wellness were nice to have. It is now an essential part of the workplace experience. Also, given the focus on digital transformation, we are accelerating at a remarkable pace.” – Sanjay Rishi

“I think it is the most exciting time to be a participant in this industry, providing help through all of this to our global community.” – Bill Knightly

For a full report on this webinar GO HERE. To watch the video on-demand GO HERE

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