Electric Lease Vehicles (ELVs) take over business market.

More virtual work processes decreases the demand for company cars. ELVs however are getting more popular. If using green electricity the difference with old-skool fuel is enormous. Net zero carbon strategies are for real.

Take the new luxery Lucid Air that should get a range of about 800 kilometers. That is 150 more than the Tesla S Long Range Plus. The Lucid Air will be presented September 9. 

Electric Lease Vehicles (ELVs) take over business market.

In France already 6.1% of cars is a battery electric vehicle. In 2020 in France, Germany and the UK sofar a total of 155.000 BEV's were registered. In Norway already 48% of all cars is a BEV. The Audi e-Tron leads the market. The Volkswagen e-Golf and Hyundai Kona Electric follow in 2nd and 3rd. Experts expect in 2020, despite COVID-19, a European total of 560.000 new BEV registrations! And this Czech car is one of the many unique types: LUKA V (click for video)

Electric Lease Vehicles (ELVs) take over business market.

In June the English Electric Vehicle Association (EVA England) was founded. The English government has planned to forbid the sales of fossil fuel cars by 2035. An EVA survey suggests this should be changed to 2030. Chair Bridget Phelps pushes for clean air and invites everbody to particpate in an online survey

September 2019 Amazon ordered 100.000 electric vehicles with Rivian Automotive, backed by COX Automotive and Ford. This is the Progress Report video of the electric pick-up company. And this is what the Amazon car looks like.

Electric Lease Vehicles (ELVs) take over business market.

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