Steve Longhorn, Leesman AP, joins SWPi as WorkSpace Expert

Steve Longhorn, Leesman AP, joins SWPi as WorkSpace Expert

We are very happy to have a Well-being Expert, keen runner and Leesman AP on board. A unique combination of WorkSpace and WorkLife knowledge. And we know he is going to sit for the WELL-exam too!

Steve Longhorn, Leesman AP, joins SWPi as WorkSpace Expert

Steve Longhorn has spent the past 30 years working in the wellbeing and facility management sectors. Having gained extensive working experience in both areas. His passion and focus are fixed around aligning three distinct drivers that influence workplace wellbeing. These drivers are; People, Buildings and Services.

Currently Steve is working as Wellbeing Lead at ISS Facility Services Nederland for companies such as Accenture. Steve’s role is to understand the impact of well-being from a broader perspective and work cross-functionally to develop a well-being strategy to drive well-being and provide long-term impact. A large part of this involves keeping up with current research and analyzing data specific to a client’s working environment. 

Steve is also a Leesman Advanced Practitioner since september 2019. 

Steve gains his energy from being thrown in the deep end and having to deal with challenging situations.

Steve is a keen runner, having completed 20 marathons and successfully completing the Marathon de Sable in 1999. This event was a 250-kilometer run across a section of the Sahara Desert and is often described as the world’s toughest Ultra Marathon.  

This is Steve's view on adapating work to earth: 

"We have reached a unique turning point in the history of work. Rather than simply thinking about the what’s and how’s of why organizations go about their business. Business leaders are now faced with thinking about the WHY!

A year ago, it would have been unprecedented to imagine 90% of your organization working from home and, in certain cases, performing better than in an office environment. The earth has been taking a hit for decades due to the bulk commute of the now 3.3 billion global workforce. Employees herding into workspaces to be together, when in fact, the majority are sitting together, while working alone. This must change. Not only does this impact the health of the environment, it also impacts the health and performance of the employee. To correct this, we need to adopt an agile approach to working, not only to protect the environment, but also accelerate a healthier work-life balance through offering choice and autonomy.

To make this happen, we need ecosystems! Not only do we need to protect the ecosystems that form the very foundations of life. We need to develop a well-being ecosystem that aligns and integrates with other ecosystems. This can be achieved by aligning key stakeholders and facilitating active conversation around the topic of holistic well-being, analyzing data to understand specific needs, and finally, offering insights on designing an ecosystem that supports all dimensions.”  

Have a view at his full profile on LinkedIn

We are very proud to have Steve on board and are looking forward to his contributions and articles.

Steve Longhorn, Leesman AP, joins SWPi as WorkSpace Expert

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