A digital antropologistic perspective on the new workplace

A digital antropologistic perspective on the new workplace

Monocle and the Adecco Group Foundation (both HQ in Zurich) present this series of podcasts called 'The Way to Work'. 

In this edition digital antropologist Rahaf Harfoush talks about human-centric tech, a much needed broader vision on information management, the use of Digital Twins and shifting organisational culture. Bruce Davidson, a colleague of Neil Usher at GoSpace AI, talks about allocating space in work environments and digital transformation. The values of office space, engagement and well-being are being reassessed. Bruce thinks we can't people to self-organize and we need AI to help. The third speaker is Chief Experience Officer John Mader who is negative about remote working and under-ambitious tech companies. Also, Linda Morey-Burrows of architecture firm MoreySmith tells her expierence with the disruptive pandemic influences on her customers. She still thinks an office will be needed post-pandemic, but it will be very different. More smaller, quiter and calmer rooms for doing online meetings will be required. The group sees technology as a tool to augment the workplace and a valueshift towards community. The digital antropologist thinks the 'horrible' open plan lay-outs will have to be adjusted to give the office new meaning reagrding a physical platform for communication.

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