Neils Usher, AI entrepreneur, joins SWPi as a WorkTech Expert

Neils Usher, AI entrepreneur, joins SWPi as a WorkTech Expert

Isn't it the best combination? Workplace strategist, IT innovator, property expert and building user. Having worked in 30 countries. Being able to write down one's vision. It is ridiculous!

With almost 30 years in the industry as a property, workplace and change leader, Neil has delivered innovative environments for organisations in a variety of sectors, all over the world including Warner Bros., Honeywell, Rio Tinto and Sky. He hasn’t just talked about it – he has been there and done it. He is now Chief Workplace Officer for GoSpace, the first AI application for the workplace. Together with this practical experience, his influential blogs and regular conference talks, have made him a leading thinker in the international workplace management profession.

His first ridiculous book 'The Elemental Workplace' was published in 2018 and the follow-up 'Elemental Change' will be out in November 2020, but can already be pre-ordered HERE. Neil introduces his second book stating "You never step in the same river twice. Our intensely interconnected world never stops evolving. Amid the chaos of intended and unexpected consequences we're expected to lead a change initiative. We have to learn fast, as its already started. This highly practical, human and humorous book shows us how to make complex change attainable - organizational, professional or personal - whether you have years of experience or are facing your first major challenge. It helps us think about what change is and means, how we prepare for it and what we do to make it successful. It may just be the most readable book about change yet."

Jeremy Meyerson wrote the foreword for the first book and says: 'Neil's intervention with this book is therefor timely and important given its aim to demistify the subject, break it down to the essentials and disentangle the workplace design from arguments about aesthetics and style". In this book Neil presents 12 ridiculous elements for creating a fantastic workplace for everyone. Here are some links to publications and reviews on the first book:

- FMJ (UK) 

- Mike Petrusky (video)

- Open Sourced Workplace (text) and video

- LID PublishingAmazon and (to buy it at a ridiculous price!).

- SAGE Publishing (with a ridiculous cover).  

Have a view at his full profile on LinkedIn

We are very proud to have Neil on board and are looking forward to his contributions, blogs and inspirational articles.

Neils Usher, AI entrepreneur, joins SWPi as a WorkTech Expert

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