Food Inspiration on Safety and Sustainability

The Dutch once presented Veldhoen and Ynno for workplace innovation trends. Edge and Spaces are still popular references on Real Estate. Food Inspiration however is the one to follow these days. Have a look at their latest magazine. 

Editor-in-chief Hans Steenbergen introduces the latest magazine by saying: 

"COVID-19 has made it so (food) safety is no longer a given assumption. Instead, it needs to be a visibly and tangibly communicated aspect of your operation. But what happens when the safe choice isn’t the sustainable choice? Single-use plastics, ultraprocessed food, the immediate safety benefits are often at war with the long term health of our planet and food system. In this edition of Food Inspiration magazine, we try to find a balance between safety and sustainability." 

In the latest magazine, edition 52, they dig into the balance between safety and sustainability. 

They also made great video's and predict what the future menu of food in restaurants will be. Have a look at these ten building blocks

Go to Foodinspiration for the next things in hospitality and food concepts and register for their newsletter! 

Another great company making the Dutch proud for their innovative spirit.

Food Inspiration on Safety and Sustainability

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