WorkPlace Club at TNW Amsterdam West

WorkPlace Club at TNW Amsterdam West

Starting October 1, 2020, Smart WorkPlace International will relocate to The Next Web Space in Amsterdam West. Hopefully Austin and Italy will follow in 2021!

The WorkPlace Club is the place where Smart WorkPlace International is based. From Amsterdam we focus on international WorkPlace Management and FMBIM professionals. Our activities are based on the SWPi vision, themes and services. We have chosen to relocate our office from Arnhem to the TNW Amsterdam West location because we love Amsterdam and we love the international network and impact of TNW. This new TNW-location will be opened in August. TNW locations Amsterdam City and Amsterdam South are alternative locations. 

We have chosen The Next Web as a WorkPlace Club partner because of the project Fred Kloet developed earlier for Smart WorkPlace with TNW X, The Future of Healthy Work challenge, and we also love the holistic and integrated perspective of TNW on technology. Besides this TNW has a global network that will be interesting to work with for Smart WorkPlace International and its partners in growing their business over the coming years. TNW is well-known for its annual conference. In 2020 it will be online on October 1 and 2 presenting speakers such as Kate Freebairn of Google Nest. March 2019 Financial Times acquired a majority stake in TNW. 

If you wish to plan your international meeting or activity with TNW or apply for a place at the TNW Amsterdam West location yourself, please contact Sophie Op Den Kamp of TNW Spaces or send an e-mail to for an exclusive preview tour. 

It is the SWPi's intention to create another WorkPlace Club in Austin and the Maremma in Italy in 2021. Suggestions and initiatives are welcome! 


WorkPlace Club at TNW Amsterdam West

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