Working from home matters more than ever

The virtual workplace at home could be like a pop-up-pod. A digital WorkLife style changes the way we work and live. Technology becomes omnipresent. What do you feel and think about the workplace of the future when looking at this video? 

This is just one of the many inspiring video's made by the italian Interni Design Journal. A magazine with a theme, illustrated with an opinion (read them all here) and a journalistic story (read them all here), with insights on products (read them all here) and video interviews (watch them all here). But the home page will be put online on Monday, while the products will be illustrated day after day, until Friday, when the Newsletter will be sent (to register click here). 

So, if you want to be inspired by italian phantasy and creativity: follow Interni. It could seriously help you understand the 50 shades of grey between working from home and working from the office. 

And if you want to meet some italian designers: go to the Designer's Week in Milano from 28/9 to 10/10. 

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