Schneider Electric and UnWork on Smart Working

Schneider Electric and UnWork on Smart Working

The Activ8 model jointly developed has eight components: insightful, sustainable, flexible, experiental, healthy, productive, efficient and resilient. Can Smart Buildings provide a platform to withstand changing workplace habits? 

All too often we have been concluding Smart Buildings are just the start of developing a Smart WorkPlace. WorkTech is much more than the combination of IoT, data and intelligent building management software. Luckily UnWork and its Corporate Member Schneider Electric conclude:

"Traditional models of workplace design that focused on cost reduction and efficiency are today being rapidly superseded by more dynamic, agile models that are designed to increase health, well-being, and an unprecedented level of flexibility for remote working."

The Workplace Technology Team of UnWork led by Philip Ross wrote the report and developed the Activ8 model for Schneider Electric. Together, the components of the Activ8 model represent a set of criteria for developers and occupiers to use when designing, specifying and procuring smart building technology. The team also comes up with 'Seven Steps to Achieve Smart' and a view on the changing role of corporate real estate. Two of the most interesting sections in the report are the 'Smart Buildings - A Day in the Life' and 'A Smart Asset'.

Chapter 6 is called 'A Smart Workplace'. It combines and integrates the benefits of more attention for data, employee experience and wellness. A list is given of seven items that facilitate a smart workplace.

To download the full 36-page report published by WorkTech Academy GO HERE.   

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