The Big Rethink

The Big Rethink

Georgina Power, Gina, is editor and advisor on real estate. In a recent article for MIPIM World she brings together the views of well-known experts on the hybrid workplace in order 'not to allow a good crisis go to waste'. What is your opinion?

Gina delivers a great overview packed with interesting hyperlinks to sources that matter. She helps us make up our own mind on the possible future of hybrid workplaces. Our own Big Rethink in where and how we work. Besides linking to her own earlier articles on the subject she connects to the views of CBRE, Carlo Ratti of MIT, Anthony Slumbers, Covivio, Gensler, Ronen Journo of WeWork and presents relevant projects. She concludes her article by syaing: "The likely outcome of this “optimisation” is a hybrid workforce network with the headquarter building itself becoming part of that network, says CBRE." Now you can make up your own mind about the hybrid workplace. 

(Upper graphic by Gensler. Below graphic by CBRE.) 

The Big RethinkRead the full article HERE. Go to Gina's LinkedIn profile

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