What is Ecocide? Are we killing our own Ecosystem? Better not! Lawyer, diplomats, banks and environmental activists want to legally forbid devastation to life on Earth. No, that is not a crime yet. Strange, isn't it? 

Ecocide is mass damage and destruction of ecosystems – harm to nature which is widespread, severe or systematic. Ecocide, committed over decades, has created the climate and ecological emergency that we now face. Some examples (and examples of its daily use in the workplace environment):

- Industrial Fishing (business catering)

- Oil Spills (workplace assets produced using oil)

- Plastic Pollution (packaging of workplace assets and food)

- Industrial Livestock Farming (business catering)

- Growing Soy (business catering)

- Mineral Extraction (all types of tangible workplace assets)

- Deforestation (for wood, soy, (palm-)oil, minerals necessary for business catering and tangible workplace assets)

- Textile deying and tanning (all professionals business services using textile e.g. hospitals, cleaning, catering, security, etc.).

- Cement (real estate).

Have a look what you as a WorkPlace Management professional can do to Stop Ecocide and avoid future claims. 


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