Food for thought on Business Catering! How transparent is your catering provider on where do ingredients of the menu come from? Can you influence the Purpose of your providers? Go see this movie and act, please. Create your Cycle of Life with the Food you buy. 

This is about learning what the meaning of Purpose is. We talk about it. We put it in models and concepts. We sell sustainability. But do we actually feel what it is all about? Have we experienced the meaning of Purpose when it comes to food? 

This movie, The Biggest Little Farm, shows what an Ecosystem is. How Earth works. How natural life is interconnected. You want to know what interoperability is? Go see this movie. But keep in mind this movie is about the impact of the people and organisations that are in the business of Food and Business Catering. Ask yourself what 'Fast Food' really means. Is it about fast delivery and drive-through's? In this movie the word Fast is not applicable at all. You will discover that the Purpose of Food is feeding not just people but also the other ones living on planet Earth. An ecosystem is a cycle of life. It is circular. Not just sustainable.

Have a look at this 10 minute preview explaining what the movie is all about. 

John and Molly Chester are the brave that decided to change the system with no way to pay for it. Have a look at an interview with them.

We encourage you to do a similar thing using your procument power to give Purpose to the Food you deliver to your workplace users. Be Smart. Start where it all begins. Ask for transparency. And if you like the idea of adapting Business Catering to Earth: Visit the website for more information and GO AND BUY IT. Or join us in our research project 'Digitization of Business Catering'. 


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