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Food for thought on Business Catering! How transparent is your catering provider on where do ingredients of the menu come from? Can you influence the Purpose of your providers? Go see this movie and act, please. Create your Cycle of Life with the Food you buy. 

Working from home matters more than ever

The virtual workplace at home could be like a pop-up-pod. A digital WorkLife style changes the way we work and live. Technology becomes omnipresent. What do you feel and think about the workplace of the future when looking at this video? 

Sold out: the Gustav Original

The company making this 'Award winning office tool for agile working' is called Tuesday On The Beach Ltd. From Auckland, New Zealand. 

Hana (CBRE) opened two new locations in London.

Hana (CBRE) opened two new locations in London.

Coworking is to grow even faster because of digitization. CBRE developed the hana concept before the COVID-19 pandemic started. I could proof to be a smart move given the increased demand for flexible real estate. 


July 16 was the global premiere of the movie Down to Earth. It takes you on a journey to visit the Earth Keepers, the native wisdom teachers around the world who hold the keys to a better future.  

Food Inspiration on Safety and Sustainability

The Dutch once presented Veldhoen and Ynno for workplace innovation trends. Edge and Spaces are still popular references on Real Estate. Food Inspiration however is the one to follow these days. Have a look at their latest magazine. 

The Big Rethink

The Big Rethink

Georgina Power, Gina, is editor and advisor on real estate. In a recent article for MIPIM World she brings together the views of well-known experts on the hybrid workplace in order 'not to allow a good crisis go to waste'. What is your opinion?

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