Partners SWPi

All our Work&Earth Partnerships start September 1, 2021 and participating organisations will be presented at this page. Till then we co-create the partnership with our Founding Partners. 

Click HERE  If you wish more information and to discuss a (Founding) Partnership with us.

All Founding Partners receive a free copy of the 'SWPi Guide 2021'. Based on his annual market research the Guide has been written by our founder Fred Kloet since 2017. The 2020 version (in Dutch) can be downloaded for free HERE

In June we will be publishing our first SWPi Ezine. In September  we will publish our first printed SWPi magazine. The latest versions published by Smart WorkPlace in The Netherlands (in Dutch) can be downloaded HERE.

While working for Smart WorkPlace in The Netherlands our founder Fred Kloet developed these projects with (founding) partners: 

In 2021 we will be delivering the 'WorkPlace Day International' event in Amsterdam. Have a look at this video (in Dutch) of the 2020 version.

Please register for receiving our free E-zine and Newsletter. It will keep you up to date on our Work&Earth Partnership journey to adapt Work to Earth.

Partners SWPi

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