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We have a plan to adapt Work to Earth

We have a plan to adapt Work to Earth

For many 2021 started with a different perspective on the workplace. This is our view and offer.  

Time to enjoy your commute.

Dutch company VanMoof created the S3 eBike. An attractive, fast and smart machine that can easily replace the company car. A Work&Play must-have. But not everybody is happy. 

Electric Lease Vehicles (ELVs) take over business market.

More virtual work processes decreases the demand for company cars. ELVs however are getting more popular. If using green electricity the difference with old-skool fuel is enormous. Net zero carbon strategies are for real.


Food for thought on Business Catering! How transparent is your catering provider on where do ingredients of the menu come from? Can you influence the Purpose of your providers? Go see this movie and act, please. Create your Cycle of Life with the Food you buy. 

Working from home matters more than ever

The virtual workplace at home could be like a pop-up-pod. A digital WorkLife style changes the way we work and live. Technology becomes omnipresent. What do you feel and think about the workplace of the future when looking at this video? 

Food Inspiration on Safety and Sustainability

The Dutch once presented Veldhoen and Ynno for workplace innovation trends. Edge and Spaces are still popular references on Real Estate. Food Inspiration however is the one to follow these days. Have a look at their latest magazine. 



The School of Life for Business published the book 'The Emotionally Intelligent Office' in 2018. It is a book in which one can find wisdom for resilience. But The School of Life is more about Life than Business. 

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