Work&Earth Founding Partners receive a free 'SWPi Guide 2021' package 

Work&Earth Founding Partners receive a free 'SWPi Guide 2021' package 

The fourth edition of our annual Guide will be published in August. Based on our market research we will present the leading 2021 workplace themes.

During the year Smart WorkPlace International monitors all relevant industries and sectors, identifying themes that will shape next year's workplace. Given our own vision and four themes we select, read, analyse and sort relevant (academic) research reports, books, whitepapers, video's, social media, presentations, webinars, marketing products, etcetera. Based on our international background in real estate, facility management, software, HR and business services we look for common developments in different worlds. Social, technological and workspace innovations together innovate the workplace.  

This year the 'SWPi Guide 2021' will be published in English. The first three versions were all in Dutch. In 2019 we predicted 'Quality of WorkLife' would be the main theme for 2020. The tile of the Guide 2017 was 'Revolution'. The 2018 Guide was called 'Social Innovation'. PDF-copies of these first three Guides (in Dutch) can be downloaded for free:

Because the Work&Earth Founding Partnerships start January 1 and the SWPi Guide 2021 will be published in November, we have the opportunity to offer our Founding Partners a free package when joining. It includes a free copy of the market research report combined with a 3 hour online workshop tailored to the strategy of the partner. Normally the package would be included in the partnership or available for non-partners at the rate of € 750. 

If you would be interested to know more about the Work&Earth Partnership, please click HERE

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